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Contract manufacturing and machine building – Benefit from outsourcing production tasks to us as an external company. By entrusting a specialized manufacturing company with the task of building machines for your own contract manufacturing according to individual requirements, significant resources can be saved. This external manufacturing partnership allows the company to focus on core competencies while outsourcing the production of certain components to experts.

This is where we, Probotec, come into play as your contract manufacturer for machines. The special thing is that as a contract manufacturing company, we can build various types of machines for you.

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Lohnfertigung Maschinenbau

Contract Manufacturing and Machine Building - Efficient Techniques

Large-scale machine components – they form the basis for various industries in machine building. Reliable and high-quality building of components is therefore essential. There are different processes for suitable solutions and end products:

Part manufacturing is a common procedure in contract manufacturing in machine building. In this process, specific components or parts are built by specialized companies according to the specifications of the client. This procedure allows companies to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing the building of parts to external partners. This enables them to save costs and use their production capacities more flexibly.

Assembly manufacturing refers to the building of complex assemblies by combining multiple individual parts. The individual parts are either built by the company itself or by external partners and then assembled into a complete assembly. This process allows companies to build complex products without having to perform all the necessary building steps themselves.

Surface treatment is also an important step in contract manufacturing in machine building. The surfaces of the built parts or assemblies are processed to give them the desired properties. This can be done through grinding, painting, coating, or other processes. Surface treatment contributes to improving product quality and achieving the desired optical and functional properties.

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Contract Manufacturing and Machine Building - Our production capabilities for your products

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