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Module Assembly - Efficient and Precise

Module assembly is a manufacturing process in which pre-fabricated parts and modules are assembled to create a finished end product. This assembly can be applied in both small and large series, depending on the complexity of the modules. We are your reliable partner for high-quality module assemblies and offer tailored solutions for your specific requirements.

What you can expect from Probotec:

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Module assembly: Our comprehensive service

Are you looking for extensive module assembly services for your company? Our experts assemble complex systems from individual parts. Quality and customer benefits are always the focus. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we deliver top-notch results.

Whether in the automotive industry, beauty and home sector, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, or construction industry, our module assembly service enables rapid processing and delivery of your modules in various sectors. There are no limitations regarding the materials, except that one component should be made of plastic. We combine all typical industrial materials into a module for you.

You provide us with the components to be assembled, and we take care of the rest, processing individual parts into complete modules. We also support you with storage. Simply store call-off orders with us and receive precise deliveries.

What are the challenges of module assembly?

Module assembly involves assembling highly complex individual parts with different systems to create a functioning end product. The complexity lies in bringing together mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic systems in harmony. The interfaces of both modules must be considered to ensure proper implementation. In addition to modern fixtures, comprehensive expertise in various disciplines is necessary.

Now, conserve internal resources

Learn more about our module assembly services and how we can support your company. Feel free to contact us to receive customized solutions for your module assembly needs.

The technical foundations of module assembly

From small modules and individual parts to high-quality mechanical systems, everything is possible with module assembly. This critically important step in the value chain of end products consists of various assembly processes. These vary depending on the technical requirements and specifications. Manual, automated, and semi-automated assemblies are possible.

The most common assembly processes in module assembly are:

Adhesive bonding

Module Assembly - These are the advantages you can expect

Module assembly – a manufacturing process with countless advantages. Valuable benefits of module assembly for your company:

By assembling pre-fabricated modules, work processes can be optimized, and production times reduced. This leads to more efficient manufacturing, enabling faster time-to-market for your products.
Module assembly allows for precise and controlled assembly of modules, resulting in higher product quality by minimizing potential errors or inaccuracies during assembly.
Module assembly offers flexibility in terms of quantities, variations, and product customization. You can assemble different modules according to customer requirements and provide individual solutions.
By using module assembly, you can save costs. As pre-fabricated modules are used, the need for complex individual part manufacturing is eliminated. Furthermore, optimized process design allows for efficient resource utilization.
With our experienced team and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, you can be assured of high-quality module assembly. Our experts have the know-how to meet specific requirements and ensure excellent assembly quality. 

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With Probotec, you can rely on precision and the highest quality for your module assembly needs

Are you looking for a contract manufacturer for your module assembly?
We adapt to your needs and offer flexibility in terms of quantities, complexity, and delivery times. Together, we define the basis.

We can also provide you with the necessary machinery, if needed. Contexo-Automation, as the cornerstone of Probotec and our partner company in mechanical engineering, handles the provision of machinery. The advantage for you is that if you wish to operate an assembly plant yourself, you can obtain it from Contexo. If you prefer a complete package, Probotec is the right choice for you. Bonus: If your production is placed with us over several years, we will cover the costs of the assembly plant and invoice them through the part price.