Assembly plays an important role in various industries. It is the process of combining products or
components to create a finished end product – a unit.

Through careful planning, preparation, assembly, and quality control, we at Probotec develop
efficient assembly processes to deliver high-quality end products that inspire.

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The individual steps of assembly

The process of assembly includes several steps that ensure that the final product meets all requirements and specifications.

Before the actual assembly process begins, it is important to understand the exact requirements and specifications of the end product. This includes considering the materials and tools needed and determining the most efficient process.

This may involve assembling parts, labeling, or packaging. It is important to handle each component carefully to avoid errors or damage. Automated machines or manual work steps can be used depending on the requirements of the assembly process.

In this phase of assembly, the individual parts are assembled according to specific instructions and plans using assembly equipment. It may be necessary to use special tools or fixtures to securely and precisely connect the components.

After the end product has been assembled, it is important to ensure that it meets the specified quality standards. This can be done through visual inspection, measurements, or functional tests. Defective or faulty products are sorted out and, if necessary, repaired or reassembled to ensure high quality.
Appropriate packaging protects the product during transportation and storage and allows for easy handling. The packaging may vary depending on the type of product and requirements, such as boxes, blister packs, or specialized containers.
Customized services for your assembly needs
Benefit from flexible assembly concepts. We offer you a uncompromisingly professional service that is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Regular quality controls and, if necessary, various rework processes are also included. If you have any questions regarding assembly or our other services such as module assembly, please feel free to contact us.

Benefits of assembly for your company

Assembly allows companies to optimize their processes and achieve valuable efficiency gains. By combining various items or components into a new unit, products can be produced faster and more effectively. This leads to improved productivity, shorter delivery times, and faster fulfillment of customer wishes.

Assembly at Probotec offers your company the opportunity to respond faster and more efficiently to the individual needs and requirements of customers. By assembling different items or components, customized solutions can be offered. You benefit from customization and also have the opportunity to adapt products according to your own preferences. By offering customers tailored solutions and being flexible in meeting their needs, customer loyalty is strengthened, which can lead to positive recommendations.

Another advantage of our assembly service is cost optimization. By using efficient processes and pooling resources, you can reduce production costs. In addition, we ensure optimized inventory management by keeping only the necessary components or items in stock.

Furthermore, you will receive comprehensive quality control from us. Before assembling the items or components, each of them is individually inspected and any defective items are sorted out. In short, we ensure that only products of the highest quality are delivered to you.